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“We help startups Design, Build & Ship their applications”

We are a small team of three members. Our expertise is a blend of Design and Technology and focus on Human-Centric approach.

Building ‘Prototypes’, ‘Tools’ and ‘Automation’ as a part of our development process has enabled us to get our tasks completed on scheduled time. Our first choice in technology stacks for front-end environment is ReactJS, BEM for organising Stylesheets and for web services, we prefer NodeJS and GoLang.

Design, on the other hand, involves a continuous process of discussions, sketches, mock-ups, wireframes based on principles of Information Architecture. We believe ‘content’ is the pivotal element in any design. We love Sketch and Affinity Designer.

Lets meet the Team.

  1. Jaison Justus


    Behance, Github

    Art, User Interface, User Experience, People, Illustration, Web, CSS, Javascript, Music, Philately, Stefan Sagmeister, Experimental

  2. Rabi C Shah

    Front-End Engineer


    Javascript, ReactJS, VIM, Node JS, DevOps, User Interface, User Experience, Open Source, Arsenal Fan, Nepal, Manga, Naruto

  3. Suyash Katiyar

    Web Service Engineer


    GoLang, RethinkDB, NoSQL, DevOps, Open Source, Pink Floyd, Manga

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