Welcome to 27AE60

We help software business to build stable and scalable systems. Our expertise is a blend of Design and Technology and focuses on Human-Centric approach. Our first choice in technology stacks for front-end environment is ReactJS, BEM for organising Stylesheets and for web services, NodeJS and Golang. Design, on the other hand, involves a continuous process of research, discussions, sketching and wireframing. We believe content is the pivotal element in any design.

Team Projects

  1. Chapi - Save anything from the web

    A tool for Personal Knowledge Management for the web. Chapi helps you save contents like texts, images and pages that you find on the internet to a personalised space and allows you recollect it quickly by providing search and timeline. (currently in alpha version)

  2. Wireframing Kit for Adobe XD

    Bring the prototyping power of Adobe XD into wireframing, Download the Wireframing Kit Now! And start creating clickable wireframes faster and better.

  3. Rad Fad Mad

    A good collection of handpicked music albums from all genres, styles, eras and cultures (currently we are working on something special for you!)

  4. Project Facemash

    An illustration project to make 100 faces smile